Florida Insurance Law Attorneys Manage Coverage Disputes

Experienced Jacksonville lawyers deliver results for business clients

To cope with the inherent risks of doing business, companies must have adequate insurance coverage. At Murphy & Ellis, PLLC, our attorneys help businesses achieve this goal with numerous legal services related to insurance. We understand that insurance companies are businesses, too, and they can only turn a profit when they take in more in premiums than they pay out in claims. Therefore, gaps in your coverage favor the insurer and can be devastating to your company’s survival. As a business law firm dedicated to personal service over the long term, we help ensure that your coverage meets your needs precisely, we recommend periodic adjustments to keep your coverage current with your operations, and we work diligently to settle disputes favorably for you.

Sound insurance advice for small and large Florida businesses

Our Jacksonville insurance attorneys assess your needs and advise you on the type of coverage that is optimal for your business. We provide legal counsel to policyholders, self-insured companies, third-party administrators and individuals on insurance coverage issues such as:

  • Claim disputes
  • Claim denials
  • Coverage opinions
  • Declaratory judgment actions
  • Delayed settlements
  • Interpretations of policies
  • Review of coverage options
  • Reinsurance claims

Depending on the size and scope of your operations, you might choose to insure against:

  • Business interruption
  • Commercial property damage
  • Data breach
  • Directors and officers
  • General liability
  • Product liability
  • Professional liability
  • Umbrella policies
  • Workers’ compensation

Business partnerships and sole proprietorships might also consider life insurance for owner-operators of small businesses.

No business is too small to benefit from insurance. Even if you are operating a startup out of your kitchen or garage, a home-based business insurance policy could provide protections for your personal assets.

Actions for insurance bad faith throughout Duval County

When an insurer deliberately attempts to delay or deny a rightful claim, it may be liable for damages in a bad faith lawsuit. A court may order damages in excess of the original claim, as well as court costs and attorney fees. Punitive damages are also available, if evidence shows the dishonest dealing was frequent enough to be considered a general business practice. Moreover, you do not have to be the policy holder in order to file a bad faith claim.

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To protect your business, you must consider the full panoply of insurance options. The attorneys at Murphy & Ellis, PLLC have the experience and insight to offer sound advice tailored to your specific needs. To schedule a consultation, call 904-342-6009 or contact us online.