Jacksonville Attorneys Provide Advice on Business Formation

Your business success in Florida starts with the right choice of entity

Business success does not rest entirely on the quality of a product or service. The way a company allocates risk, protects its assets, plans for taxes, shares revenue, governs its internal operations and communicates with customers also contribute to stability and profitability. At Murphy & Ellis, PLLC, we do everything possible to enhance your prospects for success by helping to place your business enterprise on a firm foundation. Our attorneys come from varying backgrounds, so we have differing and complementary perspectives that come together to ensure a comprehensive evaluation of your business planning. Our commitment to client service means that we work in partnership with you to identify your goals and provide the appropriate legal underpinnings that allow you to achieve your business objectives.

Choosing the right entity for your business in Duval County

Your choice of how to structure your business depends on the totality of your circumstances and your priorities. Factors such as start-up capital, scope of operation, number of stakeholders, capital contributions, profit distributions and chain of command dictate the appropriate form. Our attorneys thoroughly explain the pros and cons of your various options, which include:

  • Sole proprietorship or d.b.a. (doing business as)
  • Limited liability company (LLC)
  • Subchapter S Corporations
  • C-Corp
  • Partnership
  • Limited liability partnership (LLP)
  • Corporation
  • Professional limited liability company (PLLC)

We believe that by giving you close, personal attention prior to the roll-out of your business, we can save you stress and expense, and free you to concentrate on perfecting the delivery of your goods or services.

Asset protection strategies reduce risks for Jacksonville entrepreneurs

All business involves risk, but when you engage in commerce you multiply your exposure to risks in many ways that you might not even anticipate. Many entrepreneurs operate in a manner that puts their personal assets at risk from claims by litigants and business creditors. Our business attorneys evaluate your points of exposure and suggest a program of liability insurance and corporate “firewalling” to provide comprehensive coverage. Even before you are ready to begin operations, our knowledge of contract law can steer you clear of dubious business and commercial transactions. Retaining our firm, with our deep commitment to client service, is like having your own general counsel but at a fraction of the in-house price.

Contact our Jacksonville law firm to get your business started on the right track

Mistakes made at the outset of your business venture can multiply costs over time and severely hamper your operations. At Murphy & Ellis, PLLC, our legal team thoroughly evaluates your formation needs based on your business goals. Call us today at 904-342-6009 or contact our Jacksonville office online to schedule a consultation.