Jacksonville Contract Law Attorneys Protect Your Business Interests

Knowledgeable lawyers review, negotiate and draft all types of agreements

Simply put, a contract is a legally enforceable promise. However, what is promised and how a wronged party might enforce the agreement is rarely simple. At Murphy & Ellis, PLLC we understand the complexity of business contracts and work to eliminate confusion for our clients. We believe that one of the greatest assets to your business can be clear, concise contracts that effectively communicate the parties’ duties and expectations.

Agreements tailored to meet your business goals

Before you commit to any contract, you should seek advice from an experienced contract attorney. The modest expense of a contract review can save you from expensive complications. Our business attorneys examine documents for business formation and all types of business and commercial transactions, including:

  • Buy and sell agreements
  • Commercial leases
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Contracts for goods and services
  • Covenants not to compete
  • Employment contracts
  • Investment agreements
  • Franchise agreements
  • Partnership and shareholder agreements
  • Severance packages
  • Promissory notes
  • Asset purchase agreements
  • Stock purchase agreements
  • All types of business contracts and business agreements

As a firm committed to delivering general counsel services to each business client, we discuss your goals for the agreement and suggest changes that tailor the document more precisely to your needs.

Cost-effective enforcement of your contract terms

A contract dispute costs your business time and money. Our firm takes decisive steps to resolve your dispute, using various methods to reach the appropriate remedy. These remedies may include:

  • Reformation — In cases where the contract did not accurately record the parties’ understanding, the contract can be thrown out and a new, more precise contract executed.
  • Rescission and restitution — In cases where a contract is partially performed, but where complete performance is impracticable, both parties are freed from their obligations, but the breaching party reimburses the nonbreaching party for expenses related to part performance.
  • Payment of economic damages — When a breach causes an innocent party to suffer verifiable economic losses, the breaching party must pay compensation to the nonbreaching party.
  • Payment of liquidated damages — Liquidated damages are amounts stated in the contract to be paid by a breaching party to compensate the nonbreaching party. In this case, there is no burden to prove actual losses, but the amounts in the contract cannot be so excessive that they act as a penalty for the breach.
  • Specific performance — The breaching party agrees, or the court issues an order compelling that party, to fulfill the contract.
  • Equitable relief — A court order demanding that a party refrain from taking some action. This is often a remedy for violation of a noncompete agreement, although monetary damages may also be available.

Using traditional negotiation, arbitration, mediation and, when necessary, court litigation, our attorneys seek the most effective remedy for your situation.

Even template contracts require scrutiny

In a quest for simplicity, many small business owners rely on template contracts which are often inadequate for their needs. These templates don’t memorialize the complete understanding of the parties and can be vague in the areas they do cover. Additionally, many templates have been the subject of court cases and Uniform Commercial Code interpretation. This paper trail can bind the parties in a way that’s not apparent within the four corners of the document. Your contract attorney can explain the larger picture and suggest additional language to protect you from unforeseen circumstances.

Contact our business lawyers in Jacksonville for clear, concise contracts

Businesses must have clear expectations of their rights and obligations to their customers and trade partners. At Murphy & Ellis, PLLC, our contract lawyers work to ensure that your business agreements match your business goals. For a consultation, call 904-342-6009 or contact us online.