Jacksonville General Legal Counsel for Small to Medium Businesses

Focused and attentive business law services for a fraction of in-house cost

When it comes to legal services, many small-to-medium sized business owners find themselves trapped between two unacceptable alternatives. They’re too small to afford in-house counsel, but too complex to settle for piecemeal advice on the retail level. Fortunately, Murphy & Ellis, PLLC is available to bridge that gap by providing all the amenities of a dedicated legal department without the hefty price tag. The diverse backgrounds of our attorneys, along with the depth of our experience, allow us to cover the same ground as much larger firms. Our commitment to personalized service means we get to know the particulars of your business and tailor our advice to fit your needs. If you are not getting the focused, problem-specific advice you need from your business attorney, Murphy & Ellis, PLLC could be the solution.

Small Florida law firm partners in your business success

As a business owner, you understand how important relationships are. Your relationships to your shareholders, your employees, your suppliers and your customers are integral to your success. Your relationship with your business attorney also matters deeply. Our firm is committed to getting to know our clients, their operations, and their immediate and long-term goals. By building a close relationship with our clients, we can anticipate their needs and offer timely, pertinent advice to save them time, frustration and expense. As general counsel for small-to-medium sized businesses, we regularly confer with clients on a host of issues, including:

  • Asset protection and risk management strategies
  • Banking and lines of credit
  • Employee discipline and termination
  • Franchise agreements
  • Insurance coverage and disputes
  • Intellectual property
  • Licensing
  • Mergers, acquisitions and divestments
  • Partnership disputes
  • Preparation of annual reports
  • Permitting, zoning and land use
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Securities
  • Shareholder resolutions
  • Taxation
  • Trademark and service mark
  • Operating agreements
  • Stock transfers
  • Stock purchase agreements
  • General business transactions
  • Joint venture agreements
  • Business formation
  • Arbitration

Our business attorneys assist from the moment of formation. Drawing on a wealth of contract law experience, we advise on effective safeguards for your company’s business and commercial transactions.

Rely on our Jacksonville law firm for general counsel services throughout Duval County

Vibrant businesses require ongoing legal advice that is timely and pointed. At Murphy & Ellis, PLLC, our business attorneys are dedicated to your success and provide custom-tailored legal solutions. To schedule a consultation, call 904-342-6009 or contact us online.